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Thursday, October 12, 2006
Hello all,
I'm sick. I think I technically have the death cough. It's gross so I won't try to explain what it sounds like or give you vivid visual depictions of the status of my hankies when I'm through with them. I'll only say that first thing in the morning for the past two weeks the cat cries aloud in sympathy with me while I cough for about 7 minutes straight.
On a lighter note since I got sent home from work today for being so sick that besides the fact I can't even really talk to the customers I might infect them with my death, I got to sit in front of this wonderful computer machine for a few hours and to my delight I discovered that the myspace site for the Sunday Service boys has not only a new picture of them in full passionate lip lock with one another but also new videos. I'm happy. Although the content of the one short that was posted at an earlier date has Ryan with very short hair the one that's from two days later he's back to his long shag again but who the hell am I to complain when he's wearing that awesome yellow teeshirt with the deer and the two middle fingers. It was like a gift from God to see those two again and I was wondering how they were holding up sans Wink anyway. Enough obsession now.

Ok, so I tried to go to an improv show and it turned out that it was cancelled but in it's place there was a comedia del art piece with full mask and opera. So that was cool. It was very physical comedy with the twists and turns of plot to be expected but also with a real touch of kindness in it's tone. I was glad I got to go. So a couple days later I'm waiting at the bus stop and there's this big hockey game going on and everyone's talking about it and this very drunk man comes up and starts talking to me. He was not my favorite person at the time and this woman walks up to our stop and sits beside me. So we start talking to each other so we don't have to talk to him and it turns out that she's new to the city too. And she work's just across the street. So we get on the bus and the guy doesn't sit with us so we keep talking and I invite her out because I explain it'd just be nice to have someone to go with. So she agrees and we exchange phone numbers and then it turns out we get off at the very same stop along a very long bus route. She lives maybe six blocks away.
So the next week we meet up and go to the improv show. We both think we know the city better than we do so it takes us an hour to get where we're going. We get to the venue which is a really nice but not well kept old theater and I understood that the cover was $5. So I'm looking all over for someone to pay but it looks like we missed the first half and now everyone's just all over the place and drunk off the bar inside. So I ask the bar tender who's we can pay and he points us to this really high old hippy guy who says and I quote "no, no, man you don't have to pay, just like take a look, take it all in and see if you dig it." I just about died trying not to laugh at the expression of the girl with me. She took me outside with the widest eyes and asked if we were in the right place and said she's not "used to this type of thing." So I try to reassure her and say "ok well let's just go in and find some seats I guess. The show should be good." So in the lobby there's a woman wailing this horrible solo on guitar with ripped up red tights and fishnets over top. And we find some really good seats inside but then right when the lights go down the really stoned hippy gets up infront of everyone and will not shut up. He goes on and on about a lunch daste he had where he told the guy he was sitting with that his "forhead's not as big as it looks." I thought I was gonna loose her out the fire exit but she stayed for the show and it was ok. One long form piece of about 40 minutes that had it's highlights with fast thinking lighting board crew members. Anyway we left after that and so saw the show for free and then took the hour long ride back and got off at the A&W and had hot chocolate. She pointed out the the whole night cost under ten bucks. her name is Ashley and we plan to go again at the end of the month. I made a friend.

So my uncle is pretty strong armed about me leaving their place at the end of November which means I can either take any money I have saved and try Toronto again or keep this Jewlery job at the Bay and get a place here. I want to try Toronto but it's scary.

We had our first snow here and it's been nice to feel the first cold weather. I actually really like the cold. Everyone knows I'm hot blooded I guess.

Well I'm off to the clinic to find out what's wrong with me and if I should be working or not.
Not the dreaded death cough... I thought you woud have learned well enough from me about avoiding it.
1) Sleep (I know you)
2) Eat... real food, not crackers and ketchup. A vegetable is sometimes not as bad as it tastes. There must be very little back yard foraging this time of year.
3) Vitamins - Failing good food which should give you them, vitamins will keep the death cough away.
4) Sex - Good nookie will help boost your immune system to get rid of the death cough. But finding someone to have sex with you to get rid of the death cough will be difficult, well, because of the death cough.

Go where your heart takes you . but find shelter first.
If you need to get a hold of my brother, his number is (204) 880 4960
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