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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
  October Two
I have pneumonia. It sucks. When I'm not in so much pain this part of the story mught be funnier.

But on a brighter note I think I found a place to live for the month of December here in Winnipeg and it's still rent free. I was very happily surprised when a co-worker of mine offered to let me stay with her. She's older and she's here taking care of her sick Dad. She used to live in Vancouver and we both trained at The Bay at the same time. She's really sweet so I hope that works out.

I'm not getting the greatest hours at work. So the other people I work with suggested I get another part time job. Seems like a hassle but I might have to. It'd be nice to be busy and have the cash but the stress of trying to juggle two jobs does not woo me.

Well I'm super tired so this is alot shorter and less funny than usual but oh well. It's just nice to live to get on down another day.
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