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Sunday, October 29, 2006
  A New Move
Well I'm off to my fifth place in five months. Seventh this year. tee hee.. makes me laugh. Colbert said in an interview "never pass up the chance for a ligitimate adventure." I like to think that's what I do. Carol is a woman I trained with and she admitted to me that she was very impressed with my contributions during that time. She used to be a teacher and I joke that I used to be a teachers pet so we're perfect for each other. ha. She comes by on her breaks and gives me hugs. So we're gonna be roomates. But I don't have to pay rent. yay.

I'm feeling better but not well. I'm on twenty days of the strongest atibiotic my doctor knew about. It doesn't hurt to breathe anymore but I cough a little.

But the crap part of all of this is that she does not have internet access or a computer for that matter. I can check out the computers at the library but not too often. Should be for the months of November and December. Sucks.

So you can call me. If you know my new number. But I'm not gonna put it on here sooo. ya.
well that's it.
love and peace and cookies with smarties in them.
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